comprehensive service for banks and financial institutions

mergers and acquisitions

  • Bank mergers and acquisitions
  • Problem/troubled bank acquisitions
  • FDIC-assisted/failed bank acquisitions
  • Purchases and sales of branches and subsidiaries


  • Registered public offerings with the SEC and/or state securities authorities
  • Private retail offerings and institutional private placements
  • Intrastate offerings
  • Initial public offerings and public and private secondary offerings
  • Full range of equity and debt securities available for issuance by financial institutions


  • Regulatory compliance matters
  • Disputing regulatory findings
  • Addressing issues involving enforcement actions
  • Bank holding company formations
  • Charter conversions and mutual-to-stock conversions
  • Bank regulatory applications and change-in-bank control filings


  • Public company reporting and securities compliance
  • De novo bank charters
  • Subchapter S conversions and other related issues
  • Employment agreements
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement planning
  • Director and employee compensation
  • Retirement plans
  • Proxy contest and hostile takeover matters
  • Going private transactions
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Strategic planning matters
  • Ownership succession planning